Chris has brought together a team of professionals in a variety of fields including pr, journalism, graphic design, web development, press and corporate photography and media buying.

We are all highly experienced and talented former employees of large organisations, including the print and broadcast media, creative design agencies and public sector.

Cian pools our talents to offer a full service to our clients at surprisingly affordable rates in these difficult times, as we do not have the high overheads associated with expensive office space and large payrolls.

So if you want to hit the papers, you will deal with someone with a decade's experience in regional journalism and extensive industry contacts.

If you want a new website or impressive electronic or printed publications, you will deal with a graphic designer and web developer both with more than a decade's experience working in busy design agencies.

If you want an advertising campaign, you will deal with a former media advertising director who can source advertising space at the best possible rates.

What you won't get is a newly qualified 'account manager' cutting their teeth.

Our flexibility means we can offer hourly, daily or fixed price retainer pricing options – or a mix of all these if this best suits your needs. We are so results orientated we will even offer a pricing model for media relations work based on coverage generated. Our own version of 'no win, no fee' if you like.

It's a business model that works for us and certainly works for our clients.